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Birgit Marie Kjær


      Art Academi Aarhus: further education – ceramic, raku, sagger/smoke work

      Teacher adult-education: art and craft, ceramics, sculpture, painting, collage,    

      handmade paper, mixid media and languages.                          

      I have been teaching grown ups at various schools and institutions mainly at

      Danish Folkhighschools/academies: Rønshoved Højskole, Odder Højskole,

      Hadsten Højskole, Højskolen på Helnæs.


      Study tours: Japan, India, America, Russia, and many european countries

      Studying culture, art and anthropology.


      I find inspiration in nature – living in a most fantastic location along the Flensborg

      Fjord. My works reflects simplicity and I specialize in unica RAKU ceramics.

      A unique ceramic process founded in Japan in the 15th century.


Among others: Filosofgangens bygning, Odense -  BaneGaarden, Aabenraa - Gallery KORN, Graasten - Højskolernes Hus, Copenhagen - Galleri KIK, kerteminde - Kunstgaarden, Bogense - Galleri Kvickly, Odder - Kunst i Gammelmark, Broager - Kunst i Søgaard, KIS,  Aabenraa - Galleri Krusmølle, Aabenraa -  Det Danske Bibliotek, Flensborg Husumhus, Sydslesvig - Region Syddanmark, Vejle - NYCOMBE Kunstforening, Roskilde - AtalierSalens,  Galleri, Jægersborg.

In January 2004: BaneGaarden, Aabenraa. OVER VANDET Aabenraa/Helnæs: Artist-participants: Alexander Thieme, Peter Reichet, Sankt Petersborg, Gunnar K.Hansen, Helle Blume Andresen, Jens Seeberg, Solvejg Refslund, and Birgit Marie Kjær

       How to find me?

      Our property is situated along the famous”Gendarmsti”, a path right

      on the coastline beautifully located with a view to “Okseøerne” the two

      islands in Flensborg Fjord.

     Coming from Krusaa you follow the Fjordvejen to Rønshoved -  continue

     Crossing “Munkemøllebroen” and strait on another 300 meters – turn right

     between the road fence going down hill. Turn right again  and you will find

     Knudsmade and the fjord ahead.